Short introduction

Hello everybody!

If you’re reading this it means that you are interested in my story. Thank you for that.

I’m a 13-year-old teenager from one of the Russian towns, but now I’m studying at school in Moscow. I can’t name my hometown, new school, name and surname, because I’m not going to share information from this blog with my schoolmates and teachers. You can call me Demily.

I don’t know how often new posts will be published, but please read them from oldest to newest — some things may be unclear without knowing the whole history.

In the first posts I’ll shortly describe all that happened with my English before this day, after that posts will appear rarely and be more detailed. Sometimes I can recommend to you a couple of sites, but it isn’t goal of the all blog.

I’m sure you have already noticed that my grammar is very bad (and not only grammar). If you find a mistake in any post please write about it in the comments to that post. With your help I can improve my writing skills. You can write questions if something isn’t clear, too.

I think that’s all. You can switch to the other posts. Good luck!

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